October Newsletter

Rev Jem

What’s On! What ’s on What Son?

Rev’d Canon Jem Thorold wants to tell YOU what’s on and maybe answer the question – what Son?

Jem says… Communicating is such a precarious thing, you think that the words surely are clear, but their meaning impact so differently to each of us. Yet here goes with a muse from me! Fabric & Finance Group Working hard on all our behalf is a Fabric & Finance Group. Tricia, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) Secretary, is the Chair and works tirelessly behind the scenes. She attends the 08.30 service on a Sunday. The F & F Group are suggesting to the PCC that a Feasibility Study is commissioned into our Church Hall. To say that it looks a little tired and forlorn is being perhaps kind! (That’s the Hall not the PCC!) We have been approached by a local couple who wanted to explore upgrading the hall to make available an affordable venue for a wedding reception, a baptism celebration or even a funeral wake venue. The more this was explored the higher the potential cost – upgrade the kitchen (Food Hygiene compliant); better toilets (not cheap); decorating, windows etc. A proposal therefore is to look at all this and go for the big win, perhaps cost up a new hall or upgrade the hall or extend it…….. More to follow. Accompanied Ministry Development (AMD) You may remember in the distant past our Parish started Accompanied Ministry Development (AMD). I have completed the ‘everything you wanted to know about being a Vicar but….’. As part of this initiative a Ministry Development Team (MDT), has been talking and praying about a required meeting with the Bishop, to conclude part one of this. Bishop’s Conference This ‘Bishop’s Conference’ is to happen at 7pm, on Monday 26th November 2018 at St Michael’s. The MDT will talk through with the Bishop where we are now, where we hope to be in the future and how we might get there. ALL are welcome – it is not a service or act of worship – just a chat with Bishop Chris. Corporate Prayer A result of the discussion already (you may have spotted it in the Pew Sheet) is ‘Corporate Prayer’ at 9am on a Monday – Corporate just means ‘everyone’. Prayer is the foundation of all of us. If we don’t pray together, how will we know where God is in all of this? Again then, ALL are welcome. Good News The good news is that we are to welcome a Curate next June. He is Lee, married to Helen and they have three delightful children, 3, 6 & 8 years. I know you will hold him and family in your prayers as he completes his residential training and comes to minster with us. Do know, that this sharing of thoughts and things in the background is aimed to keep us all ‘in the loop’. After all what does a Vicar do all day!! More to follow – ideas and feedback welcomed and further explanation available. Why not come to a PCC meeting? They are open to everyone. Jem PS: In answer to the question ‘What Son’ John 3 verse 16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life”.