Food if you need it!


St Michael’s Church, Newquay, thanks to the dedication of volunteers and various Charities we offer food if you want to eat as follows:

Sunday at 12.30 (Little Sparrows)

Monday at 4.30pm (Little Sparrows)

Tuesday at 4.30PM (DISC – Drop in and Share)

Wednesday at 4.30 (SNAK)

Thursday it’s not at Church but in the Newquay Centre further along St Michael’s Road with Beth and Soul Food

Friday is Food Bank at St Michael’s Church from 10 to 12 noon – also 11 to 2pm DISC & various advice agencies.

Saturday at 4.30pm (SNAK)

The folks volunteering their time will offer sandwiches, soup and hot drinks.

If you need to eat – come and meet –

(As at November 2017)