Christmas Greetings List

The Parish Churches of
St Columb Minor & St Colan and
St Michael the Archangel, Newquay
6th – 13th January 2019
Special Insert

Last week was published the Christmas Greetings lists of all who
had sent collective greetings in lieu of cards and made a donation
to Church Funds. Unfortunately this was not printed at all outlets
so is reproduced here.

Sue Kot & Jenny Eves, Roger & Liz Elford, Anne Fitzgerald,
Maggie Larsen & Erica, Jean Nicholas, Barbara Montgomery,
Dorothy Knight & Cheryl, Di Veale, Bob Morgan, Val Penfold,
Deirdre & Don Dick, Doris Latham, Linda Smith, Jan Young,
Janet Cottom, Pauline Charlton, Pat & John Madge, Bryan Taylor,
Kay & Chris Blount, Mary & Bill Roberts, Gillian & Peter Lilly,
Jessica & David Fergusson, Peter & Brenda Davy.

Sue and Alan Fern, Jennifer & Margaret, Gladys Knapp,
Jane & Frank Kneebone, Tina Robinson, Pat & Gordon Sifford,
Jem and Sue Thorold, David & Rosemary Trevena, Paul Sim.

Also missed was…

Church Supper Club is a monthly get together for a meal which takes place on
the third Thursday of the month. All are welcome to join in. The first for 2019 is
on Thursday 17th January at The Farmers Arms in Columb Minor. Please let
Jeannette know this week if you intend to come.

The Week of Christian Unity starts on Friday 18th January and our churches
will be joining the Methodist Church at Bishops School on Sun 20th Jan at 10:30

During Christian Unity Week there will be a series of prayer meetings at
6:45pm for 30 minutes. Locations are: Fri 18 – Nqy Methodists at Salvation
Army Hall, Mon 21st – Holy Trinity, Tue 22nd – Salvation Army, Wed 23rd –
St Columb Minor, Thurs 22nd – United Reformed, Fri 25th – St Michaels.

CTIN business meeting Tue 22nd January at Salvation Army Hall 7:15 after
prayer meeting.